An Introduction

Animation is effective in conveying complex concepts in an entertaining and informative style. The use of animated characters enhances the ability to inform over the usual reams of text and imagery on a website.

 We have been creating animated content for a long time and developed a well-defined process for creating the style and script for your animated company video.

Our Process

Talk it out

Think of this step as kind of like a first date – It’s all about getting to know each other. We’ll ask clever questions about your business and your animation hopes and dreams, and you get to ask us about deliverables and budgets. After our meeting, we will send you a formal proposal.


The Script

Your video script will be written by an experienced copywriter based on a phone call or face-to-face consultations. We will also work based on existing content and your brief. The

script will be presented in a document with the script, animation idea, and text on screen/sound effects for your approval. Once feedback has been received on the script, we will revise and proceed to voice over recording.


Voice-over Recording

We have a network of experienced voice-artists to work magic into the voice-over recording once your script is approved. If you would prefer other artists, we are happy to source an artist based on your gender, or age preference (at client’s expense)


Once the script has been signed off, it is time for us to bring your animation to life. The script is passed on to our animators to work their wonders and add sound effects and background music to the finished product.

For you, it means watching the bits and pieces come together in a glorious union of awesome results.


Pricing Tiers

We have various price tiers for our videos which are based on the length of the video, and the complexity of the animation style. The more complex animations include an animated character who takes you through the story, as well as 2D elements, and complex backgrounds.


The simpler style includes sophisticated animation but does not include character animation, complex backgrounds, and 2D elements. These are suited to companies that prefer not to have an animated character or wish to reduce the video cost.